Private Oahu Tours

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    Oahu Limo Tours

    Are you looking for a limo service that is safe and reliable for your upcoming vacation to Hawaii? Royalty Hawaii is a perfect choice for you!

    We are Hawaii’s most reputable luxury limo service. We provide expert chauffeurs, fun vacations, and comfortable transport. Our main goal is to deliver the highest quality private limo service to any destination. Whether you want to see the beautiful scenery that Oahu has to offer or immerse yourself in the island’s cultural diversity, we can provide a superb tour experience at every turn.

    Start your journey to Hawaii off right! If you’d like to make a reservation, please call us at (808) 650-5050. Or, you may make a reservation directly online via the booking form on this page.

    Oahu Private Charters

    Sightseeing On Oahu At Its Finest

    Oahu is among the world’s most popular tourist spots, so it’s no wonder that there are many monuments and must-see attractions.

    • Trekking at Diamond Head provides a spectacular perspective of the Oahu scenery.
    • The Polynesian Cultural Center features a multitude of shows, including the legendary Evening Luau, if you want to discover more about Hawaii’s history and heritage.
    • Waikiki, a vibrant neighborhood with a plethora of shopping centers and fantastic dining options, is undoubtedly worth visiting.
    • There’s also the Pearl Harbor Historic Site, which includes the USS Arizona Memorial and World War II museums.

    Oahu Landmarks & Monument Tour

    The Oahu Landmarks & Monuments trip may be a good choice for tourists keen to learn about Hawaii’s culture and history. There’s a lot more to Hawaii than just sun and sand. Guests on this tour will get the opportunity to see Diamond Head State Park & Monument, one of Oahu’s most well-known attractions with stunning vistas. 

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    Reserve Your Hawaii Limo Service Today

    Reserve Your Hawaii Limo Service Today

    After descending from Diamond Head, visitors will have the chance to visit the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and the USS Arizona Memorial. The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum in Honolulu’s Kalihi area, which takes pride in history and science exhibitions, the Governor of Hawaii’s official mansion, and the Washington Place, are also included in this tour.

    Private Oahu Circle Island Tour

    Haleiwa, North Shore Tour

    Haleiwa is the centerpiece of Oahu’s North Shore community. Going on a relaxing trip to the North Shore is a great way to unwind during your holiday! 

    Guests will be transported to Haleiwa Alii Beach, a favorite picnic spot for locals and tourists alike, with a friendly volleyball court and offshore surfing areas where you may even take lessons! 

    Laniakea Beach, fondly referred to as Turtle Beach, is another popular destination for tourists. Play with the enormous green sea turtles who make their home on the beach and take in the breathtaking view of the ocean.

    Private Oahu Island Tours

    Oahu Circle Island Tour

    Private Oahu Circle Island excursions are a must-do for anyone visiting “The Gathering Place” and wants to experience the island in its full glory. Diamond Head, Dole Plantation, Hanauma Bay, Hawai’i Temple, North Shore, and many other must-see tourist sights are frequently included on Circle Island tours. The tour usually lasts a day, with guests leaving early in the morning and going back to their accommodations in the evening.

    Pearl Harbor Private Tours

    Historic Pearl Harbor Tour

    Your Hawaii vacation would be incomplete without taking a Historic Pearl Harbor Tour. Taking place primarily in the vicinity of the Pearl Harbor Historic Site Visitor Center, guests will be taken on a tour of the USS Arizona Memorial and the World War II Museum. 

    Guests will then be escorted to the historic Downtown Honolulu district, the Kawaiahao Church, which once served as a chapel for Hawaii’s royalty, and the Great Statue of Hawaii’s first sovereign monarch King Kamehameha.

    Oahu Private Food Tours

    Oahu Food Tours

    With the many culinary tours available, you can sample all of Hawaii’s exquisite cuisines! There’s a culinary tour for every palate, from Hawaiian Loco Mocos to Shaved Ice. 

    Travelers will also get the opportunity to dine at some of Oahu’s most well-known restaurants, including Liliha Bakery, where they can sample their legendary chantilly cake and Romy’s Kahuku Prawns & Shrimp, where they may taste their exquisite seafood platters. 

    Most culinary trips include visits to the Dole Plantation, where you may eat anything pineapple. If you don’t have enough time to explore the entire island, specific tours are separated into sections based on the location selected for a shorter visit. For instance, we provide food tours that focus solely on Honolulu’s Chinatown.

    Group vs. Private Tours: Advantages and Disadvantages

    If you’re still on the fence about deciding whether to book a group tour or a private one, here are some of the pros and cons of each option you can consider. 

    Group Tours 


    Taking part in group tours is an excellent way to meet new people. Joining a larger pool can make your vacation more thrilling if you don’t feel at ease going on tour with a tiny group. There is always something to chat about with your travel buddies while exploring The Big Island as a group!

    Access to Destinations

    Many tour operators have formed alliances with local attractions and amenities. As a result, taking a group tour is likely to give you special access to most of Hawaii’s most well-known attractions.

    Cheaper Rates

    Group tours are generally less expensive than Oahu private tours. Not only are you splitting the expenses with the other tour participants, but many tour operators offer exclusive discounts or promotions to group tours only.

    Strict Timetable

    You cannot do much about it, but group tours usually adhere to a predetermined schedule. Tour participants must stick to the itinerary to avoid being left behind. Generally, adjustments are not accepted.


    When going on a group tour, you’ll have to share vehicles and occasionally even lodging with other people. Since the group must depart and arrive according to schedule, this may lack timeliness and discomfort. For some folks, this may not be the most pleasant option.

    Private Tours


    When you arrange a private group tour, you will always have absolute privacy. This means you won’t have to accept strangers at any time throughout your trip, and you’ll be able to spend it with the people you know and trust.

    Adaptable Schedule

    A private tour allows the local operator to arrange an itinerary that fits your ideas and caters to your needs throughout the journey. You are free to go anywhere you want, anytime, without adhering to someone else’s schedule. When visiting a new destination, this provides a sense of security.

    A Bit Pricier (It’s Not As Much As You Think)

    As fantastic as they seem, private Hawaii tours are a little more pricier than standard group tours but it’s not as much as you’d think – especially for the value. Since the private party will be liable for all costs, there may be additional charges if the tour is customized.

    Our Fleet

    Although a black stretch limo may come to mind immediately, we offer a wide range of vehicles. We have reasonable prices for every car model you want.

    Both the Lincoln Continental and the Cadillac XTS are upscale midsize sedans with roomy and elegant three-person seats.

    The Lincoln Navigator L as well as the Cadillac Escalade ESV are professional limo service mainstays. There is adequate room for up to six people and their baggage.

    Our most premium limousine, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, radiates unrivaled grace, extravagance, and luxury. Both diplomats and celebrities prefer it.

    The Mercedes Sprinter is available to accommodate larger groups. Their interiors can be divided into two categories: standard and luxury. Up to 14 persons and their possessions can be accommodated.

    Why Choose Royalty Hawaii?

    Royalty Hawaii is a luxury ground transportation service situated in Honolulu that is locally owned and operated. Our competent team has a wide range of skills and experience.

    Jason Keen, the founder of Honolulu Luxury Limo, started this company with the goal of providing beautiful experiences to guests visiting Hawaii. As such, We offer a Hawaii limo service that will enhance the luxury and comfort of your journey.

    When you tour with Royalty Hawaii, you will be welcomed as if you were a guest rather than a passenger. We make the most of every chance to provide exceptional service!

    It’s a brilliant idea to make transportation arrangements ahead of time. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we would be happy to give you private Oahu tours tailored to your specific requirements. 

    For additional information about Royalty Hawaii’s limo services, you can call (808) 650-5050. You may also book your reservation today through the form on this page.