Honolulu Airport Limo Service

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    Honolulu Airport Transfer Service

    Experience the Hawaii welcome you’ve always wished for!

    Royalty Hawaii is Oahu’s most exclusive luxury Honolulu Airport limo service. Our company was formed with the primary objective of giving visitors to Honolulu the premium experience they desire.

    When you arrive at the airport, we promise you premium Honolulu Airport transfers that will enrich your trip with refinement and luxury. So, sit back, relax, and let us whisk you away to your Oahu hotel in unparalleled style with an Aloha welcome you’ll never forget!

    Get your Hawaii vacation off to a great start! Contact us at Royal Hawaii by calling (808) 650-5050 or filling out the form on this page to get a free quote.

    Honolulu Airport Transfers

    Our Honolulu airport limo service puts the customer’s comfort and convenience first. Guests coming from domestic flights will be greeted as they disembark the plane and directed to the baggage claim and their driver.

    Guests arriving from international planes will be welcomed at the gate as they leave customs. Every transfer will be exclusive, which means that all services will be tailored specifically to your needs.

    Honolulu Airport Lei Greeting

    Royalty Hawaii can arrange reliable and enjoyable airport transfers to your accommodation. As soon as you walk off the plane in Honolulu, you’ll be greeted with authentic Hawaiian warmth!

    Your greeter will welcome you with a hearty “Aloha” as you arrive at your gate. Then you may relax and allow your greeter to take you to baggage claim, where he or she will address any inquiries you might have.

    On request, Le’i greeters are available for both local and foreign guests.

    Black Car Service

    With a touch of elegance, our black car service ensures the ultimate privacy. Our entire crew has been thoroughly trained to assure our customers’ comfort.

    Private car services are available for all of your travel needs in Hawaii, including airport transfers and transportation across cities at any hour during the day.

    Guests can select any car from our elegant and classy fleet and have an unforgettable Hawaii limousine experience.

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    Reserve Your Hawaii Limo Service Today

    Reserve Your Hawaii Limo Service Today

    Corporate & Executive Limo Service

    With Royalty Hawaii, you can unwind on your business trips. Our Honolulu airport limo service is the best option for getting you to your destination on Oahu.

    You may also arrange private charters across the island and anywhere your activities take you, and we’ll make sure you have a comfortable and stress-free voyage, so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

    Group Transportation

    Are you planning a big event or a family vacation? For your large group, Royalty Hawaii can provide the finest Honolulu airport transfers. ESVs and sprinter vans are among our premium fleet, ensuring that guests have the most professional and luxurious travel experience possible.

    Our Fleet

    All our executive sedans are mid size luxury vehicles. Both the Cadillac XTS and the Lincoln Continental are spacious and comfortable, with seating available for three.

    The Cadillac Escalade ESV and the Lincoln Navigator L are the powerhouses of professional limo services, with enough space for up to six travelers and their belongings.

    The Mercedes Benz S-Class is our most premium vehicle, with next-level elegance, luxury, and comfort. It’s a favorite of both officials and celebrities.

    The Mercedes Sprinter is available in two versions for larger parties. There are two types of interiors: standard and luxury. Up to 14 passengers can be accommodated with lots of luggage space.

    Instructions For Arrival and Departure


    Baggage claims can be found on the ground level after arriving from domestic and international aircraft after passing through the gate. However, arriving passengers from international flights go through customs first. For each baggage claim, there will be terminal and roadside signs identifying the designated airline.

    On the other hand, Royalty Hawaii has greeters available upon request to assist you in navigating the airport once you arrive. When you disembark the plane on a domestic flight, greeters will welcome you at the gate. For those coming from an international flight, greeters will be waiting outside of customs.


    As you get ready to depart, chauffeurs will direct you to the right terminal for your return trip. In most situations, they will pick up visitors from their accommodation and transport them to the airport, but, if requested, they may transport you to the airport from any place on Oahu.

    When you arrive at the terminal, you’ll check-in for your flight then go through passenger screening, ensuring that everyone on board is safe. Please remember that on any aircraft, liquids over 3.4 oz are prohibited.

    About Honolulu Airport

    Hawaii’s primary hub for all flights departing and arriving on Oahu Island is Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL), formerly known as Honolulu International Airport.

    It’s around 10 kilometers from Waikiki Beach, and it spans 4,520 acres. HNL is also noted as one of the world’s busiest airports, with over 21 million passengers passing each year.

    The State of Hawaii Department of Transportation manages it. It offers a diverse range of services, including exclusive retail establishments, restaurants, vehicles, post offices, car rental businesses, and more.

    Approximately 15,000 full-time personnel work at the airport, including members of the Fire Fighting Department and the Aircraft Rescue Team. HNL’s staff also oversees two nearby airports in Hawaii, Dillingham Field (HDH) and Kalaeloa Airport (JRF).

    Why Get A Honolulu Airport Limo Service?

    Booking limo services are getting increasingly popular, and there are several compelling reasons for this. The demand for limo or luxury services is growing, as is the number of organizations providing these services.

    Almost everyone nowadays wants to travel in elegance and grandeur. Knowing that Hawaii is regarded for having one of the best public transit systems in the world, many visitors will opt for car rental if they do not want to travel in luxury.

    Here are some of the advantages that draw people to Hawaii’s limo services.

    Traveling With a Limo Service Is Safe

    You have a driver with a great deal of experience transporting you throughout Hawaii when you choose a premium service.

    Companies have conducted rigorous background checks on such drivers and can attest to them as experienced drivers with pristine integrity.

    Therefore, when you choose a limo service, you will always feel protected, regardless of the hour of day or night.

    Dealing With Local Drivers Is More Convenient

    The majority of the chauffeurs working with Hawaii limo services are locals with extensive knowledge of the region. As a result, they have a thorough awareness of whichever location you wish to visit, and you can rest confident that you will always be there on time.

    In addition, they know what to do if something unforeseen happens during the trip to assure your comfort and security. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said regarding Uber drivers or city taxi drivers, who may be residents of other cities with limited knowledge of the neighborhood.

    Dependable Pricing

    The rates offered by most limo services are fixed and highly dependable. They don’t change as much as other industry participants, so you can estimate how much luxury transportation will cost you.

    Furthermore, it is pretty simple to request discounts when working with them. Other service providers may not offer such pricing convenience, and charges may fluctuate at any time.

    Peace of Mind and Comfort

    One of the factors why visitors avoid Hawaii’s public transportation is that it can be highly crowded and uncomfortable at times. Limo transportation is the way to go for maximum comfort and peace of mind.

    You will be able to travel in comfortable and well-maintained vehicles, and in some cases, you will be able to select the precise car model you want to utilize.

    Furthermore, you have complete control over your time and may take as long as you want to see all the sights you want to see without worrying about getting back to the city or your accommodation.

    Why Choose Royalty Hawaii?

    Royalty Hawaii is a locally owned and run premier luxurious ground transportation service in Honolulu. Our knowledgeable team has years of expertise in the field.

    Jason Keen, Honolulu Luxury Limos’ founder, and his family, established the company to provide visitors to Hawaii with the premium experience they deserve.

    As such, we can offer a superior Hawaii limo service, whether for business or leisure, that will enrich your visit with refinement and style.

    Anybody with a vehicle can take you to a famous monument or tourist attraction. A good driver and good service, on the other hand, can give you an experience — the way Oahu is intended to be enjoyed.

    So your Royal Hawaii chauffeurs are more than simply drivers; we’re also your private security guard, tour guide, Oahu Island expert, and amateur photographer when you need a snapshot taken.

    Make a terrific start to your Hawaii vacation! Call Royal Hawaii at (808) 650-5050 or complete the form on this page to receive a free quote.