Waikiki Limo Services

Waikiki Hotel Limo Services

Anybody who has flown into Honolulu International Airport understands how long it takes to get there. Then, you have to wait for an airport shuttle or bus to transport you to your accommodation.

Once jet lag strikes, you’ll need a reliable local car service to bring you to your hotel quickly.

You could be waiting for an hour or more to be picked up by your hotel’s airport shuttle and transported to the lobby. However, when you travel with Royalty Hawaii, we’ll keep your journey as delightful as possible!

Get your vacation off to a good start with dependable Waikiki limo services. We’ll drive you to your destination in comfort and style.

Alternatively, before heading to your Waikiki hotel, we can offer you a spectacular Hawaii reception and scenic drive.

Contact Royal Hawaii at (808) 650-5050 to learn more about our limo service in Waikiki.

Waikiki Hotel Limo Services

Driving across Waikiki in the backseat of your limousine is the finest way to see the sights.

With quiet, comfy seats in a top-of-the-line car and the best professional chauffeurs in town, you’ll enjoy tailor-fit transportation with courteous, on-time service in a pleasant ride every time.

And if you have any special requests, we’ll do everything we can to ensure your stay is memorable.

Avoid Rental Car Hassles

It can be troublesome to rent a car. You’ll have to wait in line, and the model you want may not be available. Why put yourself through all that hassle for a ride that isn’t even pleasant?

You can count on us to give you secure and dependable transportation. And you’ll never have to panic about forgetting your car keys! We’re Waikiki’s most trusted limo service, taking you up in a luxury vehicle driven by a safe and skilled, expert chauffeur.

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Reserve Your Hawaii Limo Service Today

Reserve Your Hawaii Limo Service Today

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Get Expert Directions

Driving somewhere unknown is the last thing you want to do after a long journey. However, Royalty Hawaii only employs local expert drivers who are well familiar with the area.

When you choose us, you’ll get the most excellent Waikiki limo service available. While other businesses work on “island time,” we’re here to bring you to your destination on time and with a warm Aloha.

Flexible Booking Options

You can book us for a single day or your entire stay. Other Waikiki transportation services are inconsistent and take a long time to arrive. They squeeze as many passengers and baggage as possible into each trip, and they are always late.

Call us if you require a reliable transportation service. We strive to be the best in the business when it comes to Honolulu airport to/from Waikiki hotel limo transfers, with drivers always on time. 

Royalty Hawaii will help you get to your accommodation or following appointments faster. You deserve excellence, and we want to give you the most outstanding driving experience possible every time.

Why Choose Royalty Hawaii?

Royalty Hawaii is a locally owned and managed luxury ground transportation company based in Honolulu.

Our highly qualified team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Jason Keen, the founder of Honolulu Luxury Limo, created the company intending to provide visitors to Hawaii with luxurious experiences.

As a result, we offer a deluxe Hawaii limo service that will enhance the magnificence and elegance of your stay, whether it is for business or pleasure.

We feel that rather than treating you as a passenger, you should be served as a guest. As such, we try to provide the highest level of service and care to the best of our ability!

For more information about our Waikiki limo services, call Royalty Hawaii at (808) 650-5050. You may also book online and inquire for a quote through our