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It’s no surprise if you’ve come to Hawaii for the beaches and surfing. Millions of people flock to the North Shore of Oahu when the waves are huge in the winter and more relaxed in summer. There are many things to do on the North Shore and for sea lovers, some of those things are kayaking, free diving, scuba diving, paddle boarding, or snorkeling.

Whether people come to the ocean to surf, swim, or just relax by the beach, everyone surely loves good food. Let’s talk about Big Wave Shrimp Food Truck, a must place to eat on Oahu.


Big Wave Shrimp Food Truck is a Hawaii shrimp truck famous for its fresh shrimp recipes. The locals in Oahu love the spicy and lemon pepper shrimp while the guests love the crunchy coconut shrimp. They also serve other dishes such as Korean barbecue short ribs.

The food truck is a local favorite. They’re also noted for their peeled-off garlic shrimp plate. Each order comes with pineapple, white rice, and shrimp.

Their menu is filled with Hawaiian-style meals so if you’re planning to try a taste of local meals, then Big Wave Shrimp Truck is a must.

Eating by the North Shores is a breeze. It has plenty of space, tables, shade, relaxing island music, and the cool breeze on your face – what more can you ask for! The place is perfect for locals and tourists who want to experience Hawaii’s laid-back lifestyle.

While the restaurant is known for its shrimp plates such as peeled shrimp, garlic shrimp, shrimp fried rice, and spicy shrimp, they have a variety of options. Their mac salad, spring rolls, and short ribs are some of their well-loved recipes, too.

Whether you’re from the island or anywhere else, take some time to enjoy the North Shore and taste delicious foods that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Cooking With Kawita Stacy In The Big Wave Shrimp Truck

The restaurant had its humble beginnings in 2005. But it found its way to a Food Network TV Program when it was featured and included in Guy Fieri’s list of top places to eat in Hawaii.

Their featured crunchy shrimp plate comes with fried large shrimps coated in tempura batter. They serve the customers rice, vegetables, and a sweet-and-spicy dipping sauce.

Chef Kawita Stacy is the person behind the well-loved recipes. Stacy says that she loves cooking. She’s been doing it since she was a teenager. Her father, who taught her how to cook, inspired her to start a food business. This way more people can enjoy her amazing food.

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