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Royalty Hawaii Group is a Hawaii company that upholds the highest international standards and serves with world-renowned Aloha hospitality. 

We align with the “Duty Of Care” standard that the greater international travel industry adopts to ensure individual travelers’ safety and well-being.

As a local leader in chauffeured transportation, when you partner with Royalty Hawaii Group, you can expect a consistently high level of service that your establishment is familiar with and exudes, along with with the “Hawaiian Hospitality” experience.

As a partner, we are your extension of first-class transportation with world-renowned service with Aloha.

What is Hawaiian Hospitality (Service with Aloha)?

“Hawaiian hospitality welcomes like no other”

In Hawaii tradition, guests and travelers are welcomed with ho`okipa. The English translation is “hospitality” – but that’s just a word. Ho`okipa is more than that – it’s a feeling, a sense of service, welcoming, and even a way of life.

The goal of ho`okipa is for the guest to know that they are important, that they matter, and are a welcome addition to the host’s lives, not a burden or a task.

An important aspect of ho`okipa lies in how to welcome a guest. The tradition of greeting guests with a lei is long-held.

The intention is for them to remember how important and welcome they are.

Guests may not remember every detail of the service, but they will remember, years later, the feeling of belonging. That’s what our guests – your guests – will associate with your company. As a result, it will make for long-time loyal patrons if they are not already.

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